Rick Genest, better known as Zombie Boy, was born August 7, 1985. He’s a Canadian artist and fashion model born in Lasalle, Montreal.


    Photography by Yves Borgwardt for Highsnobiety Magazine

  2. sass & bide

    ladysaint eyewear 13

  3. Color of Beats

    Designer: Hailey Chan

    MUA: Vivi Suzuki

    Model: Danielle (Bravo models, Tokyo Japan)

    Photographer: Yanzhou Bao

  4. Alvar Aalto

    Alvar Aalto, whose full name was Hugo Alvar Hendrik Aalto, was not only the most important Finnish architect of the 20th century but also a leading modern furniture designer. His chair “Paimio” (1931), with bentwood elements and his curvilinear vase “Savoy” (1936) have become major design icons that have laid the cornerstone for organic design. Alvar Aalto studied architecture under Armas Lindgren at the Helsinki Technical Institute from 1916 to 1921. He then worked as an exhibition designer, traveling throughout Europe and thus acquiring a vast knowledge of contemporary trends in architecture and art.

  5. Vogue Australia has launched the new vogue.com.au - i love ‘Miss Vogue’ featuring one of my favourite girls Bambi.


    looking pretty damn awesome! 

  7. dichterling

    Johanna Näpflin from Zürich designs this amazing handmade clutches out of old book covers. The clutches are produced in faire and social working processes. You can buy them on her website www.dichterling.ch or on etsy and dawanda.

  8. Pierre Debusscher for V Espania, Summer 2012

  9. all i wanna do – i just passed my exams - is move out!!

    in my dreams my flat is a lovely and styled place to hang out and

    have some parties and dinners with my best friends =)!

    one thing that i absolutely need is a clip-board wall! best thing i’ve ever seen! (first pic) 


    The good old times… When you would take your car, a racy one fifties style, drive down the hills and park it in a drive-in movie theater. But the good old times are maybe not that far away…
    Located in the Nai Pi Lae lagoon off of Thailand’s Kudu Island, a remake of a classic American drive-in movie has opened its doors. Well, can we really talk about doors for a drive-in cinema?

    Besides, this drive-in theater is nothing like the institutional ones that used to spread across America. It is more a float-in cinema experience designed by Beijing-based architect Ole Scheeren for the final night of the Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival. Constructed in recycled materials, the theater was dismantled and given to the local community to use as a playground and floating stage.

    “The thought of watching films here seemed surprising“ Scheeren said about the project. “A screen, nestled somewhere between the rocks. And the audience floating, hovering above the sea, somewhere in the middle of this incredible space of the lagoon, focused on the moving images across the water. A sense of temporality, randomness, almost like driftwood.”

  11. Sonia Rentsch, an art director from Australia, has manners. And when it comes to dinner, she really sticks to the etiquette.

    In “dinner etiquette”, one of her many and talented projects, she has taken prop styling to new levels of still-life superiority. Every tool, every plate and every item have been arranged with taste to give the whole scene a feeling of neat and classy arrangment.

    There’s no painting behind it, it’s only position and construction of space with forks, plates, spoons etc.


    (Photography by Scott Newett)

  12. all you need is a steady hand … 

  13. A film about the great Bill Cunningham

    Bill’s outlook on life is truly unique and very refreshing!



  15. Ilva Heitmann stands out beautifully in the clear blue sky.

    QVEST Magazine
    Photography by Maria Karas
    Model Ilva Heitmann
    Clothes by Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Jen Kao and more
    Styled by Cannon